EZ Clubs V2 for Joomla 3.0x


EZ Clubs V2 for Joomla 3.0x

EZ Clubs

EZ Clubs is one of our new components released in 2012, and it has now been upgraded to run on Joomla 3.0x.  It's an easy-to-use system to list clubs, venues and other establishments on your Joomla! powered site, so rather than use something larger such as EZ Realty - EZ Clubs may be just what you need.

We've also designed EZ Clubs to be a flexible system - so you should find it'll be suitable if you're wanting to run a wedding portal. Such sites contain a range of listings categories - eg. photographers, wedding videos, cake decorators, marriage celebrants, car hire, churches and other non-religious venues for wedding ceremonies, venues for the after-wedding celebrations and more! EZ Clubs has the flexibility.

If you need something to showcase your models or adult agency staff - EZ Clubs will also be of interest to you, as it has the great image systems used by EZ Realty and EZ Autos - Google mapping support and the ability to include videos hosted by places such as Youtube.

EZ Clubs V2 Features

Quick Install

Installing EZ Clubs and its modules is so simple - just a matter of point and click with your mouse - and they're all installed in one go.

Responsive Design

EZ Clubs V2 for Joomla 3.0x has a responsive design based on the Twitter Bootstrap system, to enable your listings to look great on all browsers and mobile devices.

Full Copy Support

EZ Clubs's copy function now copies not only the club/venue data - it also generates copies of images and file attachments. You're then able to simply adjust the copy to reflect the needs of your new club/venue listing.

Configurable Image Upload Numbers

Upload as many images as you want for your club/venue listing. EZ Clubs uses the SWF upload system so you can bulk select the images to upload, and easily order them using the image ordering functionality.

Thumbnail Regeneration

Needs change - so if you need to change the size of your thumbnails - it's easy with EZ Clubs. The thumbnail regeneration function will bulk delete the old thumbnails - and regenerate them based on the new dimensions that you specify.

Panorama Image Upload Field

Upload a special panorama type image for your club/venue listings - which can then be used in the EZ Clubs Panorama slideshow. This allows you to tie your club/venue listings to your template design via the EZ Clubs Panorama slideshow module.

General File Upload Support

Upload a PDF/Doc/Excel information file for your club/venue listings - for example - use this to include a menu or miscellaneous venue information.

Youtube Support

Include a Youtube "share video" URL.

Integrated Dynamic Search

EZ Clubs has search filters built into its listings pages, which allows your site visitors to quickly and easily refine their search preferences based on results. They can then reorder listings based on the variety of ordering options. This makes EZ Clubs a very easy to use system for your site visitors.


EZ Clubs has the great Joomla SEF URL system for people-friendly links, and meta tag support for added search engine optimization - so you don't need to use any external SEF systems for clean URL's.

Mapping Support

We've built Google mapping support into all of the EZ Clubs front-end areas - so you can configure the listings pages to display results on a map as you search for listings - and you've got Google streetview support on the full club/venue details page.

Social Networking Icons

Twitter, g+1 and Facebook "like" icons integrated into the full club/venue details page.

Save to Shortlist

Allow your site members to create a shortlist of their favorite club/venue listings.

2 Recommend to Friend Options

Site visitors can recommend a club/venue listing to friends via the EZ Clubs recommend to friend function, or they can use the Facebook "send" function.

HTML Print

Print out the HTML page using the core Joomla print page system.

Multiple Image Layouts

In an industry where looks are everything, EZ Clubs gives you some top-quality image display systems. Choose from a thumbnail layout with Javascript rollover images and the highslide or core Joomla modal box image popup preview - or alternatively - use the Galleria or Minimalist slideshow system.

Configurable Club/Venue Features

EZ Clubs uses a configurable a multi-select features list - so simply define the features you want to use via the configuration settings, and then you'll be able to use those features when creating listings.

Easy Menu Creation

Create the frontend menu items for EZ Clubs via the Joomla menu manager - it's simple. Also - you'll find EZ Clubs supports a multitude of menu creation options - from a single page listing all categories, states, regions or suburbs, to individual pages for each category, state, region or all listings. Take a look at the menu system on our demonstration site! We've set it up to showcase the numerous ways you can provide access to your club/venue listings.

RSS Feeds

RSS 2.0 feeds are built into all of the front-end EZ Clubs listings areas, so site visitors can subscribe to a feed of specific relevance to them. Click on the orange RSS feed icon at the bottom of the page to view the RSS feed output.

Antispam Support

Everyone wants to cut down on the amount of spam sent from their site, so EZ Clubs has the core Joomla email obfuscation built into it.

jReviews Support

Add commenting and ratings to your club/venue listings with jReviews.

Multi-lister, FSBO Portal and Paid Listings Support

Allow registered site members to add and manage their own club/venue listings via the site's frontend, and charge them to do this with the EZ Portal expansion package.

Data Export Support

Export your club/venue listings to other sites using the EZ Feeds companion package - which is included as a free bonus!

Dual Configuration System

EZ Clubs has a dual configuration system - which allows you to define global configuration settings at the component level - and local configuration settings at the menu link level. This will allow you to configure page displays individually - based on the needs of the data displayed.


EZ Clubs has multi-lingual support - meaning it is coded with language tags and has a language file system to enable the translation of embedded page text, incorporates the core Joomla translation system for database content - and has a set of Falang content element files available if you use that component to handle the translation of database content.

Easy Migration of your J2.5x EZ Clubs Data

We've included a data migration function which will make porting your old J2.5x EZ Clubs data a relatively simple process.

7 assorted modules with a multitude of display configurations

EZ Clubs also comes with 7 assorted modules included in as part of the EZ Clubs installation package:-

  • Multidisplay module,
  • Map module,
  • Thumbnail carousel,
  • Content slider,
  • Panorama slideshow,
  • Patchwork wall,
  • Lists module which allows you to display lists of categories, regions, suburbs and states - as well as a recursive layout which contains states, regions and suburbs.

There's plenty to choose from when it comes to setting up your Joomla! site - so much so - you may start to wonder where you're going to fit them all in!


System Requirements

EZ Clubs is not a stand-alone script. It's a component developed for use with the Joomla! content management systems. As a "database-driven" PHP script, EZ Clubs requires:-

  • Joomla! 3.0x content management system
  • MySQL database - tested on servers running versions 5.1.53
  • PHP scripting support - Joomla 3.0x requires at least PHP 5.3.1


Who is EZ Clubs right for?

EZ Clubs has been designed to be the cornerstone of an extensible system of components. So, depending on your needs and the type of site you're running - you may only need to use EZ Clubs - or you may need to use it in combination with a number of other extensions. On its own or in combination with other extensions - EZ Clubs will be suitable as the basis for the following types of site needs:-

The wedding/event planner

If you're a wedding or event planner - EZ Clubs is a great way for you to showcase resources of relevance to your business.

Local tourist association

Have you been tasked with showcasing your region's local attractions? If so - the core EZ Clubs package should be perfect for you.

Online food & entertainment guide

If you want to be the "go to" place for information on food and entertainment venues, you'll find you don't need an advanced degree in web development to build your site with EZ Clubs. The core EZ Clubs package will be perfect for your needs - as it'll enable you to enter and manage your listings via the admin back-end - and provides an easy-to-use front-end for your site visitors.

Themed Portal - eg. Wedding Portal

Build a wedding portal site using a combination of EZ Clubs and the EZ Portal expansion package. Together - they'll allow you to let your members add and manage their own listings via the site's frontend, and you'll be able to charge them to do this.


How do I buy EZ Clubs?


Visit our subscription page to purchase an EZ Clubs or EZ Clubs/EZ Portal subscription


What is included in the EZ Clubs purchase?


  • The EZ Clubs component
  • 7 modules
  • The EZ Feeds companion component
  • Access to support services, package downloads and new versions for the duration of your subscription



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