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Expand your EZ Realty and/or EZ Autos sites to support FSBO functionality and member listings via the frontend with EZ Portal - and you've opened the doorway to running a great member listings site along with the opportunity to generate an income.

EZ Portal supports the definition of seller categories for your members, seller profiles and paid listings with multiple advertising package definitions.

You'll find EZ Portal is a great way to expand your EZ* site to take advantage of all that FSBO sites have to offer, and it has been developed to centralize this process. The old J1.5x versions of EZ Realty and EZ Autos had their own FSBO functionality which was an unnecessary duplication of systems on your site - and with the recent restructure - EZ Portal has centralized the profiling to great effect.

EZ Portal Features

Quick Install

It takes a minute to install EZ Portal and its module onto your Joomla site, and another couple to configure and setup the system. Yes, it's that quick - as installation is just a matter of point and click with your mouse.

Frontend Seller Details and Listings Management

If you're running a FSBO portal, or managing your sales staff via the frontend of the site - members can manage their own seller profile details via the site's frontend. You're also able to hold seller profiles for approval, and you're able to switch off a range of profile fields - depending on the type of information you want to display. Members are also able to manage both their EZ Realty property listings and EZ Autos vehicle listings via the frontend of EZ Portal, which provides a convenient central location if you're running a large portal site which incorporates a number of our EZ* software products.

PayPal Enabled

EZ Potal supports paid listings via PayPal, and we use a credits-based system for paid listings. Site members purchase a package of credits which go into their "campaign kitty", and your members then use these credits to pay for their paid listings campaigns. If PayPal isn't for you - the next major upgrade of EZ Portal will introduce support for payment gateway plugins - which will give you even more flexibility in how you run your FSBO site!

Define your own Campaign Packages

Unlike the old 2-tier paid listings system in the J1.5x version of EZ Realty and EZ Autos - EZ Portal allows you to define your own paid listings campaigns. You can have as many as you want - and you're able to define campaign characteristics such as time the listing will be active for, how many images it can have, whether members can add advertising material such as PDF attachments, and whether the listing will be assigned featured status.

Flexible Layouts

Everyone is different when it comes to what they want in terms of page layouts, so EZ Portal makes it simple for you - as the entire front-end is coded to give you a range of configurable options for the listings pages and full details page. You're also able to configure a popup quick profile details page to display on the listings management pages.

Integrated search

EZ Portal incorporates a couple of search filters into its listings pages, which allows your site visitors to quickly and easily refine their search preferences based on results. They can then reorder listings based on the variety of column headings on the page. This makes EZ Portal a very easy to use system for your site visitors.


EZ Portal has the great Joomla SEF URL system for people-friendly links - so you don't need to use any external SEF systems for clean URL's.

Mapping Support

We've built Google mapping support into EZ Portal - so you can configure the listings pages to display results on a map as you search for sellers - and you've got Google streetview support on the full profile details page.

Captcha Antispam Integration

Everyone wants to cut down on the amount of spam sent from their site, so EZ Portal has antispam support available. Just install the OSOL Captcha plugin which is a free Joomla addon - enable it, configure EZ Portal to use it - and the EZ Portal contact seller form will have captcha antispam protection.

Dual Configuration System

EZ Portal also has global configuration settings at the component level - and local configuration settings at the menu link level. This will allow you to configure page displays individually - based on the needs of the data displayed. For example - configure the listings page layout to hide display of auction dates and open house dates - but you can then configure the menu links for those pages to display those dates.

Multi-Lingual Features

EZ Portal has limited multi-lingual support due to the need for this system to link on a 1:1 basis with the core Joomla membership system. You'll find EZ Portal is coded with language tags and has a language file system to enable the translation of embedded page text, however it doesn't incorporate the core Joomla translation system for database content - which reflects the fact that not even Joomla supports the translation of member accounts. If you do need to translate the EZ Portal seller profiles - a set of Falang content element files are available, as that system should be able to handle the translation of seller profiles without affecting the EZ Portal system.

EZ Portal Seller's Module

We've also included an EZ Portal seller's module, which will enable you to display your sales team or site members with seller profiles. Configure the module to display latest sellers - or more indepth seller profiles with descriptions. The choice is yours - you can even define the type of seller profiles to display based on seller category, and seller address details such as suburb, state or country.

System Requirements

EZ Portal is not a stand-alone script. It's a component developed for use with the Joomla! content management systems. As a "database-driven" PHP script, EZ Portal requires:-

  • Joomla! 1.7x or Joomla! 2.5x content management system
  • You must also be using EZ Realty and/or EZ Autos - as EZ Portal is an expansion package for these systems.
  • MySQL database - tested on servers running versions 5.1.53
  • PHP scripting support - tested on servers running 5.3x

Who is EZ Portal right for?

EZ Portal has been designed for the site owner who wants to run a FSBO site, or businesses who want to keep their employees out of the admin backend. It's designed to be used in combination with EZ Realty and/or EZ Autos:-

The online entrepreneur running a FSBO site or sales portal

If you're a property investor with a portfolio of properties for sale or rent, you'll find the core EZ Realty package is the perfect solution for your site.

Large real estate agencies

If you're a single agent business, you'll find you don't need an advanced degree in web development to build your site with EZ Realty. The core EZ Realty package will be perfect for your needs - as it'll enable you to enter and manage your listings via the admin back-end - and provides an easy-to-use front-end for your site visitors.

Large automotive dealerships

For bigger real estate agencies employing multiple sales agents - your needs are also met by the core EZ Realty package. Setup details of your agents in the profile manager, and they can then add and manage their listings via the admin back-end - or your assigned data entry staff can perform this task. EZ Realty will support the display of joint sales agents on property listings - perfect for husband and wife sales teams!

Club sites

If you're running a club site - eg. motorcycle or vehicle restorations etc - pair EZ Autos with EZ Portal, and your site members will be able to create listings for their vehicles, and write about their restoration projects.

...and for those with imagination

If you've got the imagination to see beyond mere field labels and page layouts - you may find EZ Portal is suitable for more than just the conventional seller profiling and FSBO functionality for EZ Autos and EZ Realty. Consider staff profiles for your business site - or maybe a catalog of your models and more. The potential is there and sometimes it just takes a little time editing the language file to change the wording of something. When the imagination really takes hold though - remember EZ Portal is full source code - so there won't be any barriers between your imaginative genius and the code! It's fully accessible if you need to customize it.

How can I get EZ Portal?

EZ Portal is currently included as part of the EZ Realty and EZ Autos packages at no extra charge.

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